Steps you can take to keep your children safe when it comes to window coverings.

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There are many ways that a child could be at risk in any home, especially with window coverings. Take a moment to look around your house to see if there are any areas that could be improved. You might even want to get on your hands and knees so you can be at a childs eye level and see what they see.

When it comes to window coverings, there are precaution you can and should take. Here are a few;

1. On Vertical Blinds, use the wand control option so you don’t have a dangling cord that a child could easily get wrapped up in.

2. For existing blinds with long cords, consider cutting the cords short so you have enough cord to operate them but eliminating the puddle of cords on the ground.

3. Some companies offer a break through tassel with blinds that need to have longer cords. Check to see if your manufacture offers something similar.

4. Consider using a motorized blind or shade.

5. Look into cordless blind and shade. These are becoming more popular and are very easy to operate. All you have to do is lift them up.

All of these options are here to make it more safe for children, but nothing will ever be more important than adult supervision.