Buying a castle is a dream for most people . Find out how it can become reality

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Many people dream about owning a castle . For some people the dream has become a reality . This article is a look at how the dream can come true . Buying a castle or historical building is a difficult task requiring access to a small and exclusive marketplace
Cumbrae Castle is on the Isle of Cumbrae, a small island in the Clyde, just a few minutes by boat from Largs on the west coast of Scotland. The Isle features 277 hectares of countryside, a 12 bedroom Victorian mansion built in the 18th century and a 13th century castle. The island is the ultimate private residence because of its seclusion. It has potential as a hotel or leisure development. There is also a 300 year old lighthouse complex with superb views of the Isle of Arran and Ailsa Craig. The island has good mobile phone reception and wireless internet access but no telephone line. In the 14th century King Robert hunted the island’s wildlife.

There are a small number of castles for sale in Europe. In Slovakia the government has published a list of 50 manor houses, two castles and 12 houses for sale. The prices are very low but the catch is that they all need substantial renovation to bring them up to a reasonable standard”